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Franking Machines

Franking machines are used by businesses to increase the efficiency of their postage systems and cut costs. Franked mail costs less than sending items using stamps, so they are an increasingly popular investment for businesses of all sizes, especially given the recent announcement by Royal Mail that the price of a first class stamp is to rise from forty six pence to sixty pence and a second class stamp from thirty six to fifty pence.

Franking machines are only available to buy from approved suppliers in the UK, and the price depends (1) on the capacity of the machine, (2) if additional features are required and (3) how it is purchased. Getting quotes from a number of suppliers will help you find the best price for the franking machine most suited to your business.

Cheapest Low Volume Machines

Low volume franking machines are used by businesses that typically process under fifty to a hundred letters per day. Examples of low cost machines of this type include the Mailcoms Mailstart 2, The Neopost IS240 and the Pitney Bowes DM55. These machines all tend to start from around a thousand pounds to purchase new, or they can be leased for somewhere around twenty pounds a month.

It’s also possible to purchase second hand models, either outright or on a lease, and in both cases the costs are around half that of a new model. Using one of these models for a business that sends around fifty letters per day, first class, would typically save over two thousand pounds a year when compared to sending stamped mail. Many suppliers offer a thirty day free trial to help you decide which machine will best suit your needs.

Cheapest Mid Volume Machines

Mid volume machines can process between sixty five and a hundred and ten letters per minute and examples include the Pitney Bowes DM300c , the Frama Matrix F6 and the FP Ultimail 95. Mid volume machines offer many more optional extras such as integrated weighing scales or envelope sealers. Prices for models of this capacity tend to start from around three to four thousand pounds.

However, when calculating the total cost of ownership, it is important to factor the costs of consumables such as ink cartridges, as well as annual service costs, as these can influence which model proves cheapest overall. When comparing cartridge costs, the key figure is not the base cost of the unit, but the cost per frank as cartridges have varying capacities.

Cheapest High Volume Machines

High volume franking machines can cost several thousand pounds and can process hundreds of letters per minute. Many businesses opt to lease their high volume models as not only does this have a more gentle impact on cash flow, but also the full amount of lease costs are deductible against taxable profits in the year they are incurred which can be much more tax efficient than depreciating an asset. High volume models can vary in cost significantly due to the large amount of options available to purchasers, so to get an accurate quote you will need to contact a supplier.”